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There and Back Again
Stop 8 – Cape Cod, MA – 3300 miles

No shower today because that's how I roll. It was overcast and cold. Not pants cold, but cold. I decided it would be fun/interesting to drive out to the end of the Cape which is about 60 miles out from where I am staying.

I pass by a Seamen's Bank. Not what I thought it was. That "a" in the first word makes such a huge difference.

At the very end of the Cape is a town called P-Town (Provincetown). This place is easily the coolest place on my trip so far. Small European streets. Fishing pier. Beeches. Sand dunes. And lots of colorful locals.

I had lunch out there: clam chowder and lobster. Here's a question I need answered: Why is it so hard to get good clam chowder in LA? Every place I have had it here is delicious. I wonder if it's like the NY Pizza problem. And what's with all these restaurants serving Pepsi products? Gross.

I stopped at the Purple Feather for some caffeine and truffles. While I was waiting I checked out their "adult" confections: penis chocolates, vagina and boob lollipops, edible thongs and bikinis, and even bigger penis chocolates.

Unfortunately I had to head back and therefore I missed out on the Drag Karaoke at 9:00. Probably for the best. I didn't have any of my outfits. Maybe next time.

I had to head back to Borders for the WiFi connection. I have no idea how much that is costing me. And I don't care. Can a person be addicted to technology?

Had dinner with a guy that sounded like Wallace Shawn in "The Princess Bride." So every time he would say anything, all I could think was "INCONCEIVABLE!"

Tomorrow's target: No idea. Maybe Martha's Vineyard. But I don't know if Martha works on Sundays.

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