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There and Back Again
Stop 7 – Cape Cod, MA – 3150 miles

And sleep I did. And then a little more. 12 hours total. I had no idea I was that tired. And after a light breakfast I was out on the town. Actually I didn't do any driving at all myself today. But I was given a delightful tour of the Hyannis area of Cape Cod. Autumn leaves. Partly cloudy. I was jealous of myself.

I saw one of the baseball fields used in the Cape Cod Baseball League – as featured in the Freddie Prinze Jr movie "Summer Catch" (though I may be the only one that saw that movie). I spent some time with (near) the Kennedys (homes).

I saw the "hood" of Hyannis – which is really just two streets where some shady characters live. But sure enough there were a bunch of cops on those streets.

Spent some of the afternoon trying to find a wireless signal for my laptop. Wound up at a Borders Books and had to start up a Tmobile account. I was hoping to just pull up next to a motel and jack their WiFi but I could not find one and the Tmobile account was not too expensive (I think – I did not really read the plan agreement).

Then I went up to Boston for the Celtics/Hawks game. So many ways that it's different than an LA game. LA fans have a way to go. But great seats. Celtics destroyed the Hawks. Food destroyed my stomach. One oddity about The Garden where they play: EVERYONE gets carded for alcohol. Even the 70 year old guy next to me that only had a photocopy of his passport. It all worked out OK because he really just wanted a Coke. And no ID was required.

A comment about the Celtic Girls – and maybe I'm not one to talk – but I'm pretty sure I saw a couple of potbellies out there. I'm not a big fan of cheerleaders, mainly because I don't like the idea of taking kids to the game and watching grown women performing simulated sex routines. Lord knows I would be offended if they ran an all-male revue out there.

Then back to the Cape. Pouring rain. And the guy driving makes no adjustments whatsoever and we're safe as can be. Definitely not in LA anymore.

Tomorrow's target: More of that delicious sleep and then whatever I feel like.

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