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There and Back Again
Stop 5 – Danville, PA – 2700 miles

Indiana was actually very pretty during the daytime. Very aesthetic countryside. I did not let my distaste for the Indianapolis Colts affect my judgment. Go Patriots!

Ohio is a lot like Indiana, except more like the slightly less attractive older sister of Indiana. I almost took a detour on Route 69, but then I realized that despite it's name, nothing of any consequence would happen.

Not sure what Pennsylvania looks like, because I lost another hour with the time zones and it's all dark. Seems hilly and I think there's a lot of trees. I have terrible night vision.

5:45pm – SNOW. Reminds me of a story: last year I drove up to Palmdale (not for Meth, I swear) and along the way it started to snow. But my first reaction was to think that it was some sort of debris, like asbestos or something. Tonight was no different: "Where's all this asbestos coming from?" Did I mention I have lived in LA my entire life?

Almost ran out of gas. Not sure why I let it get down that far, but of course I hit a stretch of no gas stations for about 50 miles. Awesome. I finally get down to 6 miles of gas left (according to my car) and there's a gas station, convenience store, deli, restaurant. I almost bought a book on the Complete Guide to Amish Living.

Thought about getting a room in Lamar, but I was a little worried about the crime rate there (as most of you know).

I'm about two thirds of the way through Pennsylvania and it's freezing out and I just want a place to stay and the first two places are booked up in Danville. Apparently there's some sort of convention or something here. But the Best Western has a room and not surprisingly, it is the best one so far.

Tomorrow's target: Cape Cod, MA. With a couple of stops along the way.

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