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There and Back Again
Stop 4 – Portage, IN – 2100 miles

Free breakfast at the Comfort Inn not as cool as I hoped. No protein. The self service waffles sounded like a good idea and after I spent 5 minutes getting the waffle out of the grill, it was tasty. A couple death rockers there with me. OMAHA!

Driving through Iowa was nice. I actually like the countryside here. The hills and rivers make for a pleasant drive.

I would like to officially rename Iowa to the Museum State. They have a specialized museum at every other exit. Military. John Wayne. Bob Feller. Danish Immigrants (no, I did not stop in).

At 1:37pm the sun is obstructed by a cloud for the first time on my trip.

At 1:38pm that ordeal is over.

Drove over the Mississippi River. You may know this already, but that is a really wide river. Wider than Kern River. Wider than the LA River.

Got off the highway in Illinois to get some grub. Got lost in small town called Rock Falls. Why does a small town in the middle of nowhere have one-way streets?

A couple hours outside of Chicago I find myself headed toward dark ominous clouds on the horizon. I felt like Falcore heading into the Nothing. Or was it Attreu?

Traffic going into Chicago and I wind up 90 minutes late. Of course. Didn't I tell you? Had a great time and had some stuffed pizza which was insanely good. Tip: PRE-ORDER your pizza if there is a wait to be seated. Not so you can eat in a timely manner, but to make sure the bitter waiter doesn't reprimand you in front of everyone.

Lots of left-overs but I won't be eating any because I gave them to a homeless guy. What can I say? I'm a great guy.

And the bitter cold coming in off the lake was no match for my pants (two days in a row for the first time in over a decade).

Next stop: No idea. But I have about a thousand miles to go to get to the end. So maybe 600 miles tomorrow.

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