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There and Back Again
Stop 3 – Omaha, NE – 1600 miles

Leaving the Rockies, I drove through Denver – which they call the Mile High City. I guess that makes me a member of the Mile-High club... But seriously folks...

So it turns out there are two states east of Colorado: Kansas and Nebraska. My GPS took me through Nebraska. Yikes. It's like the same scenery on some sadistic repeating loop. Actually as soon as you get east of Denver, it's just brutal.

I stopped at Grandma Max's Restaurant (She looks like a Max) just inside the Nebraska border. The manager sits me in a booth next to a kindly old couple. Which is fine. Except there were 18 empty booths in this place (yes, I counted) so why do I have to sit next to these people. Turns out they are not kindly at all and are two foul-mouthed truckers who are soon joined by two other old truckers who smell like BO and soap (I have no idea how).

Then I drove all the way through to Omaha, which is at the far end of Nebraska. And it's cold out here folks. How cold is it? One word: PANTS! That's right. I've been rocking the pants today. It's like 35 or 40 degrees. Which in LA terms is like 5.

I listened to a book on tape (CD, whatever) today. That's the first time I've ever done that. I don't want to sound like an idiot, but they just read the book to you. You all probably knew this but I was sort of expecting some explosions or laser sounds or something.

Ending the night at another Comfort Inn. They have free breakfast and wireless internet. Oh and here's another observation: there are not a lot good-looking people in this country.

Next stop: Chicago, IL. Meeting some friends for dinner and I am sure I will screw it up.

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