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There and Back Again
Stop 2 – Silverthorne, NV – 990 miles

I made it all the way to Colorado (the Sunshine State). Staying at a Comfort Suites. Ordering some pizza and calling it a night. I know. I know. How can I miss the Silverthorne nightlife? 4 and half hours sleep. That's why.

Thoughts from the road:

I can't get cell signal in Los Feliz, but in the middle of nowhere in Ute, Nevada, FULL SIGNAL!

Stopped in Salina, UT for gas and decided to eat at "Famous Moms Café." Not sure if the café is famous or if the café is meant for "Famous Moms." No fries with my club sandwich but pricier than Denny's. I guess I forgot to figure in the Utah to Cali monetary exchange rate.

Speaking of Utah – how the hell did this place happen? The landscape is totally surreal – like dropping acid on the moon. I want to meet the guy who designed that place. That is one messed up dude.

Driving in the Rockies and seeing the snow covered mountains made me think of that movie "Alive" and I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out whether I would be tasty if someone had to eat me.

Very little snow here – Thank GOD for global warming.

Tomorrow's target: Further east. Come on! How many of you know what state is east of Colorado?

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