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There and Back Again
Stop 18 – Williams, AZ – 6350 miles

I'm not really sure what happened last night but somehow I fell asleep at 9:30 pm. I know. Weird. Maybe just too much driving. Maybe it's the time zone thing. Maybe I'm becoming an old man. Next thing you know I'll be taking afternoon naps... uh oh.

Well New Mexico makes Texas look like downtown Tokyo. Not much going on out here. Though the scenery does get a little more interesting after Albuquerque.

I stopped at the Flying Circle Ranch (store) to stretch my legs. I was intrigued by the opportunity to see "Big Buff" – the giant buffalo. I'm not sure why I thought they would have a live buffalo on display. It was stuffed. But it was big.

I almost bought some fireworks for my nephews in honor of the recent fires in Southern California. Then I thought about getting some moccasins for myself. I'm serious. They looked comfortable. Stop laughing. They didn't have my size. For the best though, me feet and leather are not a good combo.

I saw my first tumbleweed.

I stopped in Laguna, NM for gas and some lunch. I got a burger appropriately called a Laguna Burger. Actually delicious.

There was a woman in a Winnebago that had a cat on her dash board. Shockingly, she was from Arkansas.

After a couple more hours I stopped to stretch my legs at the Petrified Forest exit in Arizona. Then I went to the visitor's center and saw some of the pictures of the petrified forest and the painted desert. Ok, I'm in. I'll make this a geological anomaly day.

I drove for a couple miles and then I come across the painted desert. Wow. You HAVE to see this. I didn't take a picture but just Google it. And while you're there, Google the petrified forest. That is pretty amazing as well.

Next stop: Grand Canyon. I arrived through the east entrance (or as I like to call it: the rear entrance). Fortunately for me there was a gas station right there at the entrance. Which is nice, because I was about to run out of gas and that would suck.

It was late afternoon when I saw the first view. Yikes. What a spectacle. Then as the sun started to set and into twilight I drove from view area to view area to see as much as I could. And of course I was rockin the Slow Jams. I have amazing taste in music.

Once it got dark I headed back towards civilization and stopped at a diner. I bought a piece of pie even though I wasn't hungry -- to make up for what I did to their bathroom (speaking of geological anomalies).

Tomorrow's target: Home.

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