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There and Back Again
Stop 17 – Tucumcari, NM – 5650 miles

It turns out that the walls of the Comfort Suites are a bit thin and this morning I awoke to the sound of a very angry man yelling about a deal that fell through.

Nothing of interest as I got out of Arkansas.

Did I mention I haven't shaved in a while? I have a gnarly vacation beard going right now.

OKLAHOMA! Where the wind comes sweeping down the plains! It's a little more interesting – lots of lakes. A state sponsored sign on the side of the road informs me that Carrie Underwood of American Idol was born here. Hm. State funds?

Stopped for lunch in Henryetta, OK. I was rubbing my eyes so the waitress sat down across from me and asked me if I was doing okay (just like LA). Then she brought me an oversized orange juice (just like in LA). And the word on the street here is that there's counterfeit hundreds in circulation.

Stopped to get gas and some water. No water at the food mart because 95% of the inventory is cartons of cigarettes. Wow.

Continuing on I stopped at Robertson's for Beef Jerky. Why? Because the roadside signs commanded me to.

I have decided that Oklahoma needs to be renamed the Casino state. Ay Carumba! There's one at almost every exit.

Interstate 40 merges with world famous Route 66 around Oklahoma City. And I suddenly felt that yes, I was getting my kicks. I also stopped at the Route 66 Museum. I would soon find out that was actually "A" Route 66 Museum. They have them every 50 miles or so.

For dinner I stopped at The Big Texan in Amarillo, TX. They offer a free 72 oz. Steak (if you can eat it in one hour, and 4 side orders as well). Maybe I could do that. Probably. But do I really want that on my resume? I also chickened out on the Mountain Oysters (not seafood).

I thought about staying in Amarillo but I wanted to drive through Texas at night. (I have seen too many David Lynch films.) I maneuvered through a slight dust storm at twilight, cranked up the Slow Jams and drove for another hour and a half.

Tomorrow's target: The Grand Canyon, so I can fulfill the Clark Griswold "Vacation" portion of the trip. Real tomato ketchup, Eddie? Nothing but the best.

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