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There and Back Again
Stop 15 – Knoxville, TN – 4390 miles

I woke up at 8 this morning. Yikes. Maybe it was the noise in the hallway. Maybe I was excited to get back on the road. Or maybe I was just very, very frightened – little girl frightened.

I drove into DC and checked out some of the historical monuments. The World War II monument is actually pretty amazing. I saw a huge protest march with thousands of people. At first I thought it might be the Writers' strike but there were very few signs so that ruled them out. The few signs that were there were not being held properly so you could not read them. Note to protesters: If I can't read your sign, you are just exercising.

The crazy streets of DC confused the hell out of my GPS and it actually shut down a few times, so I had to make it out of there myself.

I stopped for breakfast in Arlington, VA and had yummy blueberry pancakes. Now I just need to find a Starbucks. IT'S NOT AN ADDICTION!

I'm actually really curious just how it is that "Speed Limit enforced by Aircraft." I just imagine an Apache Helicopter or Harrier Jet flying down in front of me. Maybe I should drive faster to find out.

Saw a dead deer on the side of the road. That's the biggest dead thing I've seen on the side of the road – besides Nebraska, of course. I wonder if an unsuccessful hunter could pick up the deer and say he killed it. I have problems.

Listening to some sports talk radio and I am just flabbergasted as to who they let talk on these things. Just because a guy used to play a sport does not mean he knows anything about it. And it certainly does not make him literate.

Switched over to music and XM went on an epic run of amazing 80s songs. Elvis Costello, Def Leppard, Howard Jones, Michael Jackson, Prince, Bon Jovi. For two hours straight! My throat is sore from singing along. I wasn't able to hit the high notes in A-ha's "Take on Me" but I did nail the keyboard solo. And then I belted out "Sister Christian" and got a standing ovation… And his hair was perfect.

So far I have to say that Virginia is my favorite state (non New England). Mountains, trees, good amount of civilization, hills on the highway like a roller coaster. And that doesn't even count the western areas where there's beaches.

I have retired my two pairs of pants for the rest of the trip and it's shorts all the way home. Yes. I do have two pairs of pants.

I think it's strange that Blacksburg, Virginia and Lynchburg, Virginia are so close to each other.

Tennessee is not as nice as Virginia. But I got to drive down into a beautiful sunset out of the Mountains. Like Forrest Gump said, "I couldn't tell where heaven stopped and the earth began."

Went to the Cracker Barrel for dinner. They have a shop there selling holidays decorations and John Deere tractor clothing, so I bought a bunch of stuff. Obviously I'm joking. But I did buy some candy corn with Christmas colors called Reindeer Corn. I appreciated the signs that said "20% Off" and then showed what that meant in terms of price reduction. Never seen that before.

The waitress came up to me and said very gravely, "Sir, I'm afraid I have some terrible news." I thought she was going to tell me I have cancer, but instead they ran out of chicken noodle soup. So I got a salad. And no cancer. Which is nice.

Tomorrow's target: Arkansas. Hee Haw!

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