Captain's Log

There and Back Again
Stop 13 – Warwick, RI – 3500 miles

I woke up this morning and the first thing I thought was that today is my last full day out here. I will be heading out tomorrow. Not sure how I feel about that. Maybe I'll just stay.

Thoughts from a train:
I have decided to call this train the Darjeeling Limited.
They should warn you when another train is going to pass. Yikes. Scares me each time.
Old couples should not make out in front of me.
My "don't sit next to me" laser beam is working.

I walked around the city all day. The sky was cloudy and a little rainy and the trees are green, orange and red. Like LA. But different.

I wandered around the Back Bay area all the way over to Fenway Park in what may or may not have been an apartment search.

A Russian girl stopped me on the street and asked me for directions. And I actually knew where to send her. I remember I tried that once in New York and I was so proud to be able to give directions in another city. Until my friends told me that I had just sent them 2 miles off in the wrong direction.

It started pouring rain and I wished I had an umbrella. I mean besides the one I left in the car back in Warwick.

Grabbed a late lunch of Lobster and chowder. Enjoying it while I can.

More thoughts from a train:
Don't trust the arriving train screen at the train station. It lies.
I have decided to name this train Gary.
The guy behind me should stop banging my seat.
Facing backwards doesn't really matter at night.
I love my video iPod.

Had dinner on Federal Hill (the Italian section). Not much happened except for seeing a most excellent skullet (a mullet on a balding head). Oh and I prefer that when I order something with no green peppers that it does not come with green peppers.... BURP.

Tomorrow's target: South. Well, actually south west. (South would be in the water.) Back on the road home.

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