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There and Back Again
Stop 12 – Warwick, RI – 3500 miles

Jed Rigney's official least favorite heating system: steam heating. VERY SCARY! Unless you don't mind being woken up in the middle of the night by the hissing and banging sounds. I do.

Off to Jamestown and Newport in southern RI. Half hour drive. Small state.

Today is another pants day but not because it's cold and not because we're going someplace nice. But the other reason I sometimes wear pants: LAUNDRY DAY! And my back is killing me because I am 6 foot 4 inches and the basement with the laundry facility is 6 foot. Ouch. Watch out for that pipe to the left, turns out it's really hot.

Jamestown was beautiful, especially the beach park at the southern end. I actually took a picture. I'll try to post it here on in my PICS.

Then we took off over the Pell Bridge to Newport. Side note here: I am a huge fan of bridges and tunnels. I have been known to go miles out of the way to go over one or through one. The Pell Bridge is like the Golden Gate and is apparently the bridge of choice for local suicides. Good travel tip.

Newport is neat. Like most harbor towns. Until you get out to "The Mansions." These are the Great Gatsby mansions that were the height of excess in America. All of the different estates have different names like "The Breakers" and "Oak Cliff Manor." I thought this was kind of weird but then I remembered that when I was younger we used to name each other's apartments: Bloomfield Manor, The Green Monster, The Basement. So we were just carrying on that tradition.

One of the Mansions had theatrical performances daily. With actors playing the owners and staff of the house. And this is another area where a University is buying up property.

I stopped by the Tennis Hall of Fame. Cool building, but I didn't feel like paying to get in so I just walked around the souvenir shop. They have grass courts open to the public. I've never played on grass before [insert drug joke here].

Had dinner with a bunch of guys at a place called the Marden Social Club. This place would be shut down in LA. It's basically like a converted trailer. But apparently it's packed on the weekend. Everyone is confused that I don't want any beer until it is explained simply that I am from California. Which seems to make sense to everyone there.

Tomorrow's target: All done with RI (it's a small state) so I'm taking a train to Boston for the day.

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