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There and Back Again
Stop 11 – Warwick, RI – 3500 miles

After stopping by my peeps in Mashpee for another dose of Starbucks, I headed out to Rhode Island. This is where my dad grew up and where his parents lived. I have been there a few times but I've never really toured around and checked it all out. And so I shall.

Beautiful weather, crisp air, blue skies – I had my window down most of the time. I started off checking out Providence which is the state capital. I saw my first signs of real civilization in the last week or so: office buildings, hotels and strip clubs.

As far as I can tell the fastest growing industry around these parts is Universities. Throughout the entire area are these old mills and plants. HUGE buildings – almost all of which are being converted to condos. They'll convert anything here to condos. They even tried to convert my car. True story (not really).

Went to a pub for dinner. Had prime rib or something and clam chowder of course. Not very good. A little too much clam and not enough chowder. The bartender graciously accommodated my drink order of water. Apparently they have it on tap.

Tomorrow's target: Exploring further south. Of course south and north are only an hour apart.

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