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There and Back Again
Stop 10 – Cape Cod, MA – 3420 miles

Martha's Vineyard here I come. I parked at a meter in front of the docks with a 3 hour limit, but I am going for about 6 hours. The lady inside said that I "don't need to worry about it." Maybe it's just my LA parking ticket paranoia but I am certain I will get a ticket.

I took a high-speed ferry. But it doesn't seem that "high speed" to me. I'm thinking more like a Miami Vice speedboat.

It's cold. Very cold. Very very cold. I get a map of the area and go looking for the "Gingerbread houses" of the "Campground." These are a hundred or so of these amazing little houses that are multi-colored and look like Gingerbread houses.

I haven't eaten in 18 hours and two thirds of the restaurants are closed because it's "off season." I find a restaurant that's open and when I walk in at the same time as another woman they ask if we want a table for two. This keeps happening to me. Just because I walk in at the same time, they add me to the other group. Even with an Asian family – swear to God.

Having eaten it does not seem quite as cold, and I stop for a hot Mocha at a tiny coffee shack that also has WiFi.

And then what to my wondering eyes should appear? Ken Parks! I KNOW! INCONCEIVABLE! He offers to give me a driving tour in his rental car and to get me back to the ferry by 5:15. Apparently he used to live on the island and is visiting some old friends. INCONCEIVABLE!

He enthusiastically shows me some points of interest. He stops to talk to a dog that he used to live near. And then he tells me we have to stop and visit his old neighbor Jan. But just for a few minutes. Jan is a Martha's Vineyard lifer. And I wind up in her living room with Ken Parks talking about the good old times. INCONCEIVABLE! That was probably the longest hour and ten minutes of my life.

We finally leave there and Ken Parks decides there's just enough time before my ferry for some more scenic routes and lighthouses and gingerbread houses and other houses and more houses and an old carousel and a park. INCONCEIVABLE! He drops me off 2 minutes before the ferry leaves.

And I am exhausted. But there's no parking ticket.

Tomorrow's target: Done with the Cape and back over to Rhode Island for some good times.

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